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In this video is clearly explain about finches valarpu murai in Tamil.

Finches is the most attractive birds and fastest breeding birds. finches is keeping on pets for bussiness motive and most attractive in home. Finches valarpu is best for breeding and sales. It’s fast growthing birds and sales for finches. Start for finches valarpu is best for business. So, start small finches form to got good profit.

Finches life span is 8 to 10 for finches atmosphere and caged life span is 5 to 8 for finches life time. Lot Of finches varities, zebra finches, white finches, owl finches, java finches, golden finches, parrot finches, bengali and longtail finches, etc…

Maximum finches valarpu in zebra finches and white finches. White finches and zebra finches are max available in all pet shop. Finches cage size is 1*1*1 for 1 pair. Finches breeding cage size is 1*1*1.5 this cage size is more space for finches.

Finches don’t breeding in a fancy cage. It’s little space and cost is high. Finches valarpu is easy and less caring for pets keeping. Finches are max eating for thinai and give cuttlefish bone in any time on your cage. Water is change by day by day and water is provide on clean water for finches in tamil. Finches max disease is spread by water. So, provide a clean water by finches in tamil. Finches healthy food is important for finches breeding time. Its used for finches health and chicks growthing.

Finches are buy in a pet shop, you select healthy finches and selection of healthy finches is important for finches breeding and finches life span. Pet shop finches is max affect by disease and no active. So, select a healthy finches and active finches in tamil. Max you try to buy a finches in breeders. Finches selection is important for finches breeding and finches valarpu in tamil.

Finches valarpu is most important for gender identification. Zebra male finches marking in a body and female zebra finches no marking in body. Male zebra finches peak is red colour or dark orange and female zebra finches peak color is light orange. White finches gender identification is difficult. Male white finches peak color is dark orange or red color and white female finches peak color is light orange. It’s method to identify finches gender in tamil.

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