FEEDING MY 18+ EXOTIC PETS! (Mostly Reptiles)

Feeding my 18 exotic pets! Compared to others its not a very big number but I still wanted to introduce all my animal friends~
Keeping pets is a big responsibility and requires a lot of work and dedication. Not only do I do this as a hobby but as a career choice. Im a Zookeeper/Wildlife Educator, Emergency Vet Assistant, and just started a new job at an All Reptile Store~
Please do lots of research and planning before bringing any new pet home ~
Due to my health and Covid, things have changed and I thought it would be great to share my love and passion for Reptiles and other Exotic Animals and share my journey.
My animal family is growing and lots of updates and things happening in the Pet Room so i thought I would share that progress with everyone 🙂
Enjoy watching all my babies fill their bellies~

Instagram: @redsfaunaverse
Twitter: @RedsFaunaverse

Music Credit:
-SkeetOnTheBeat- Late Night
-Music by HoobeZa
Link – https://youtu.be/L_T0zQbfeWA
-Not For Nothing- Otis McDonald


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