EP21 – Relentless Focus with Wayne Allyn Root – The Business Growth Show with Athin Cassiotis

Relentless Focus with Wayne Allyn Root, who was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee, is the Host of the “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” show on USA Radio, is a Nationally-Syndicated Newspaper Columnist of the Creators Syndicate, a High Profile CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, International Business Speaker, Spokesman for many National and International companies, TV personality, Media Dynamo, and a Multiple Best Selling Author! We talk about the Power of Relentless Focus to Achieving Mega Success and Financial Freedom!

Key Moments in this Episode
01:32 Wayne Allyn Root introduction sharing his relentless journey to being number 1 and on the importance of mirroring successful people and what it has helped him to be where he is now.
05:18 Taking the emotions out of business
06:26 How to Do Self Promotion Correctly
09:41 Importance of having a Relentless Mindset
14:52 Failure is just a Learning Opportunity
15:51 You must be willing to fail to succeed
16:48 Never play it safe, be a risk taker
18:21 Importance of Coaching


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