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Eight Girls and a Dog
by Carolyn Wells
LibriVox recording of Eight Girls and a Dog by Carolyn Wells. Read by Kimberly Krause. A book about eight girls who are members of the Blue Ribbon Cooking Club. Timmy Loo is their dog, who’s always looking for a little scrap of food. He’s cute and energetic. The girls decide it’s time for a vacation and they all pack up and go to a summer house near Uncle and Aunt. They have many adventures there as they cook and take care of themselves. Delightful book! (Summary by peppersnoodles93)
01 – Pillows and Pitchers
02 – On the Road
03 – The Fun Begins
04 – The
05 – The Enchanted Princess
06 – Hester’s Dinner
07 – The Indian Caller
08 – Fritters and Salad
09 – Genius Burns
10 – The Play’s the Thing
11 – A Successful Performance
12 – The Boys’ Performance
13 – Hide-and-Seek
14 – Willing Service
15 – Hilarious Hospitality
16 – A Welcome Invitation

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