Dr.Xu-Expert in Pet Liver Health | Daily Health Care for Pets Fatty Liver | Obese Cat on a Diet | S9

Dr. Xu, who is expert in pet liver health, bring us today what should we do about the daily health care for dealing with pets fatty liver problems.
And can we let a obese cat on a diet. Dr. Xu will also give us the answer in S9.

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DAMEL (Main Component: Bile Acids)
New Solution for Pet Liver Problems
– Portable
– Easy Feed
– Powder Form
– Better Palatability
– Natural, Safe, Effective

Bile Acids: The Supplement Most Needed by Your Pet Regarding to Veterinay Suggestion
‣‣ Brighten Pet Fur
‣‣ Promote Appetite
‣‣ Improve Fat Burning
‣‣ Control Healthy Weight
‣‣ Keep Senior Pet Healthy
‣‣ Prevent Hepatic Lipidosis
‣‣ Remove Tear Stains within 7 Days!

Company Profile
Lachance Group founded in 2004 has the most professional pet liver health supplement & animal feed additives research center in China. We’ve been working on pet liver health in order to provide a better and healthier life for them and bring happiness to pet owners. We devote ourselve to prolong the accompany time between fur child and pet parents.

‣‣ Lachance is the most professional and only legal manufacturer of bile acids in China.
‣‣ We’re proud to obtain NEW FEED ADDITIVE CERTIFICATE, Patent of Invention, GMP, ISO9001, ISO220000,etc.
‣‣ Lachance paid strongly attention to the introduction and cultivation of talents since the beginning, we’ve got tachnicians with rich experiences in different species which could provide 24h services
‣‣ Lachance has already established a good strategic partnership with many domestic large-scale feed enterprises and animal health companies such as New Hope Liuhe Group, Bayer China, Tongwei Group, CP Group, COFCO Group, DBN Group,Uni-President Group, Haide Group ect.
‣‣ Lachance has exported productions to more than 30 countries and regions all over the world.

Dr.Xu-Expert in Pet Liver Health | Daily Health Care for Pets Fatty Liver | Obese Cat on a Diet | S9
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