Dog Grooming Care. Tips & Tricks for Grooming & Brushing your Dog

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Pet Talk: Dog Grooming Care – Tips and Tricks for Grooming and Brushing your Dog
Expert: Dr Sarah Wooten, DVM

Think back to when you chose which dog to share your life with … did grooming requirements weigh heavily on your decision-making? Chances are, probably not. It’s important that you have some understanding of your dog’s grooming needs from the get-go. You don’t want to wait until she’s uncomfortable or you are frustrated before acting. Some pet parents postpone grooming duties until the coat builds up foul odors, or when shedding is so prevalent that dog-hair tumbleweeds are rolling across the floor. But, with the helpful information provided in this short video, that’s all about to change. With assistance from her beautiful, blond assistant, Alma, Dr. Sarah offers a concise review of the basics of grooming and brushing your dog.

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