Direflame: Tanaan Legendary Pet Battle Strategy Guide in Legion

Direflame pet battle in 7.1! How to beat the Direflame legendary pet battle encounter in Tanaan Jungle, post- Howl Bomb Nerf. Beat Direflame with this strategy guide for a bag of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies each, with a chance to contain new pets and more. This Direflame Tiny Terrors of Tanaan strat has been updated for Legion.

The battle pets I use to defeat Direflame are Fishy (Surge/Cleansing Rain/Whirlpool), Spire Crab (Surge/Healing Wave/Shell Shield) and an Anubisath Idol for backup (Demolish/Deflection, I recommend Crush/Stoneskin/Deflection generally).

Start with Fishy (Or Tiny Goldfish/Tiny Green Carp with the same moves). Use Whirlpool, then Cleansing Rain, then Surge. Spam Surge until Whirlpool comes back up, then Whirlpool a second time, then Surge until Fishy dies. Bring out your Crab and Surge twice to finish Direflame. Use Healing Wave/Shell Shield to sustain through the end of Fel Corruption and clean up the backline pets. When Crab dies, use the Idol (or cleanup pet) to finish the fight.

There’s no daily quest or regular quest associated with these Legendary pet encounters. Simply find them, fight them and you’ll receive a bag of Fel-touched Pet Supplies upon winning the pet battle. Fel-touched Pet Supplies can contain Fel-touched Battle Stone (grants FIVE levels to a pet of any family) and several new pets. The Nightmare Bell, Periwinkle Calf, Seaborne Spore and Zangar Spore are all drops from the Fel-touched Pet Supplies. These pets can be caged and bought/sold on the Auction House if you’re A) broke or B) have no patience.

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