Cubeworld – How to tame pets – Pet Love Montage at the end!

Hey Guys! Here is the list of pets (Also Game seeds links below!):

Alpaca – Vanilla Cupcake / Chocolate Cupcake
Bark Beetle – Bread
Bat – Mango Juice
Biter – Pancakes
Cat – Candy
BumbleBee – Biscuit Roll
Bunny – Carrot
Camel – Date Cookie
Chicken – Cereal Bar
Collie Bubblegum
Crab – Strawberry Cocktail
Crocodile – Apple Rings
Crow – Licorice Candy
Desert Runner – Caramel Chocolate Bar Deserts
Devourer – Wasabi Sauce
Duckbill – Sugar Candy
Fire Beetle – Curry
Fly – Fruit Basket Snowlands
Hornet – Popcorn
Horse – Candied Apple
Imp Charred Steak
Leaf Runner – Mint Chocolate Bar
Lemon Beetle Lemon
Midges – Melon Ice Cream
Mole – Chocolate Donut
Monkey – Banana Split
Mosquito – Bloodorange Juice
Owl – Lollipop
Parrot – Ginger Tartlet Snowlands
Peacock – Chocolate Cookie
Penguin – Soft Ice
Pig – Pumpkin Mash
Plain Runner – Milk Chocolate Bar
Porcupine – BlackBerry Marmalade
Raccoon – Chocolate Cake
Scottish Terrier – Croissant
Seagull – Salted Caramel
Sheep – Cotton Candy
Slime – Different Coloured Jellies – Blue Jelly For Blue Slime, Green for Green slime etc..
Snout Beetle – Lolly
Snow Runner – White Chocolate Bar
Spitter – Water Ice
Squirrel – Strawberry Cake
Terrier – Waffle
Turtle – Cinnamon Roll
Wolf – Apple Pie


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