COVID-19 and Animal Management in the USA

Kristen Hassen-Auerbach is a National Animal Care and Control Association Board Member and the Director of Animal Services of Pima Animal Care Center, the municipal shelter in Pima County, Tucson, Arizona. PACC takes in 18,000 pets annually and serves Pima County which spans 9,000 square miles in Southern Arizona. Kristen oversees animal control and shelter services. Kristen’s areas of expertise include building pet support services to reduce intake, strategic communications for executive leadership in animal welfare, and creating and implementing best practices and model programs. She teaches students from all over the U.S. and around the world who visit PACC to learn about building model programs in a high intake government animal shelter.

Kristen will share with us the impact of COVID-19 on animal management services across the United States and how various municipalities have changed operations to keep their teams safe as well as meeting the needs of the community. Technology, modifications to services, communications, safety in the field and what the future might hold will all be covered in this webinar.


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