Consumer Review: Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs – Made in The USA Bulk Dog Dental Treats… – Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs – Made in The USA Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Dog Chews Beef Hoof, American Made

Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs – Made in The USA Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Dog Chews Beef Hoof, American Madepet supplies – a peek into how we keep our pet supplies in order…

organızed pet supplıes – pet organization ıdeas and ınspiration. shopping for pet supplies + haul! ı had to go to a few pet stores to pick up a bunch of pet supplies so ı figured ı would bring you guys along with me and show you everything that ı bought!..
shop wıth me for pet supplıes pt.

5 pet supplies you must buy on amazon.
ı get a lot of my small pet related supplies from amazon with such a large array and quick shopping ı rarely actually go to the pet store anymore. we went to the pet store to get guinea pig supplies! ın this video we show you our puppy supplies and how our mom organizes all of our things in her newly renovated garage! we used a plinko board to determine what everyones budget was to buy supplies (shelter and food) from the pet store to survive overnight.
wags and walk does incredible work helping the cutest dogs and puppies get adopted and find great homes full of love!

murang pet supplıes & accessorıes, 100% legıt lahat nandıto na!
this is the part 2 of my shop with me for pet supplies video which you can watch in the link below!

shop wıth me for pet supplıes!

pet supplies you must buy on amazon.. 2 unboxıng the pet supplıes. ı hope you enjoyed watching this video of me shopping for pet supplies on amazon.

Our Irish Setter puppy loves the product. We will be ordering again.
They are his favorite thing to chew on. He goes crazy when I offer him one and they are healthy for him.
First order from Pawstruck and wont be the last. Great product and love the customer service. Pretty clever emails! Im an Australian Labradoodle who loves to chew.
Not any of mommy or daddys things, just special chews they give me when Im really good. The cow hooves are my new favorite chew.
Very quick and product was loved by dogs.
My dog LOVES these. He may be small, but is a crazy tough chewer and can destroy just about anything in 10 minutes. I filled this with peanut butter and he absolutely loved it.
He has been working on it all day, and it has barely budged! I’m so glad I have something natural, but durable to keep my busy boy entertained. They are definitely worth the price for the amount of time they last!
The mailman just brought these 20 minutes ago and already our dogs are in heaven! As you can see by the photos, they love them 🙂 Totally satisfied with the purchase and love the email we received from Pawstruck’s Chief Canine Officer.
Best buy ever…got it on a lighting deal but even off sale better price and quality than the pet store. I they dont have the same wierd smell or splinter at all.
MY dog loves hooves but they smell and cost so much its a rare treat. But now she has 10 that dont smell and leave hard bits win
These hooves were great , my black lab Maggie loved them definitely cleaned her teeth got some tartar off and definitely helped her breath I am definitely re-ordering and I’ve told some of my customers about themThanks pawstruck .
My dogs, a Labrador mutt and a St. Bernard, absolutely love these. They have been chewing on it non-stop since I gave it to them.
I wouldnt hesitate to buy them again.Pros:* My dogs love the hooves* All natural – no hormones or additives* They help keep my pooches teeth clean* Made in the USA* Come from humanely treated grass fed and free range cattleCons:* Can be a bit messy as pieces flake off from all of the chewing.For full disclosure I did receive a discount on this item in exchange for a review.
Obviously bought these beef hooves for my White German Shepard pup. Shes 6 months old, weighs almost 50lbs. and is wild! To calm her down, this beef hoof really kept her attention for she constantly was gnawing at it for quite some time.
She couldnt easily break into it with her teeth like she can with pigs ears so she kept busy for a while! Love the fact that she loves them and that of course, theyre made in the USA!
Great buy! 5 stars for sure!Seller made sure that this item arrived in a timely manner! *I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
I dont think I have enough good things to say about this product. We have a 30 p…


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