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IRIS USA, Inc. Wire Open Pet Penpet supplies – a peek into how we keep our pet supplies in order…

organızed pet supplıes – pet organization ıdeas and ınspiration. shopping for pet supplies + haul! ı had to go to a few pet stores to pick up a bunch of pet supplies so ı figured ı would bring you guys along with me and show you everything that ı bought!..
shop wıth me for pet supplıes pt.

5 pet supplies you must buy on amazon.
ı get a lot of my small pet related supplies from amazon with such a large array and quick shopping ı rarely actually go to the pet store anymore. we went to the pet store to get guinea pig supplies! ın this video we show you our puppy supplies and how our mom organizes all of our things in her newly renovated garage! we used a plinko board to determine what everyones budget was to buy supplies (shelter and food) from the pet store to survive overnight.
wags and walk does incredible work helping the cutest dogs and puppies get adopted and find great homes full of love!

murang pet supplıes & accessorıes, 100% legıt lahat nandıto na!
this is the part 2 of my shop with me for pet supplies video which you can watch in the link below!

shop wıth me for pet supplıes!

pet supplies you must buy on amazon.. 2 unboxıng the pet supplıes. ı hope you enjoyed watching this video of me shopping for pet supplies on amazon.

We bought this for our Scottie pup as a sleeping area and quiet space. It’s roomy and he enjoys it. It’s also super easy to clean up! I love the fact that the bottom fits underneath scrubs clean!
We bought the larger size to give him room to roam around. Very satisfied with this product!
Gorgeous crate! We haven’t gotten our puppy yet so we don’t know about durability but it was easy to assemble and very nice to look at! Bought fitted mattress sheets for a crib that fit perfectly on the top.
I think our future doxie will be very comfortable in this crate!
Absolutely the easiest thing I’ve ever put together—two minutes. I have two of these now, the large model and medium. This pic is of the larger one with regular height.
Its not so obtrusive feeling as an ugly crate, with the thin wires and light colored design. Perfect for my pet as she recovers from surgery and needs containment, I had to buy it quick n need pet blankets so just using a pillowcase till that’s comes in, lol.
Love the open top. I just use a twin fitted sheet on top kinda rolled when I want to give her extra privacy. I had to buy something quickly that I could reach in and pull her up, and open tops this nice were not available locally…amazon sent this quick.
It works and I couldn’t be more pleased. Good buy.
Great unit but bottom tray is a cheap piece of plastic. Mine came broken and hopefully manufacturer will replace but i can tell it will break easily.
I got this for my rabbit! Perfect for rabbits! It’s very roomy and stylish. I don’t normally write any review but this product deserves a lot more attention and popularity. Easy to assembly too!
Our 65lb chocolate lab had surgery on her hind leg and requires 6-8 week strict crate confinement during recovery. She also needs us to support her rear legs with a sling when we take her outside to do her business.
This crate is a perfect solution, it is sturdy, the door slides nicely out of the way, and the top access saves our backs when we are getting the sling on and off and helping her stand and walk out of the crate.We are using fitted baby sheets and mattress protector on the pad we bought for inside the crate which makes clean up easier.
I also put a fitted baby crib sheet over the top to give her a cozier cave-like feeling.
We needed a good sized, open top, crate/pen for our Pekingese. He is having back surgery and will need crate confinement for 6-8 weeks. Ease in placing him down and lifting him out meant an open top.
This was the perfect choice. Very easy to put together – no tools! It’s much nicer looking than a standard 2×3 kennel cage. Worth the price!
This is my 3 months puppy simba.I love the cage for a medium size cage it is big. But worth the money..
My French Bulldog puppy sleeps in this pen at night. There is room for a pad, food bowls and his bed. It’s roomy and easy to clean. He loves it and often walks in to take a nap on his own. He feels safe and comfortable in this enclosure.
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