Consumer Review: Dr. Harvey's Paradigm Green Superfood Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Grain F… – Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Green Superfood Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Base Mix for Dogs, Diabetic Low Carb Ket…
Paradigm’s 6 pound bag conveniently makes 56, one pound finished meals for your canine companion, quantity of meals depend on the weight of your dog Green food pre-mix makes an ideal base for a nutritionally complete low-carb diet; 100% grain-free, our holistic blend of six (6) nutritious dehydrated vegetables contain absolutely no dies, fillers, wheat, corn, soy, nor preservatives Easy to prepare a fresh, wholesome meal for your dog in a matter of minutes; just add hot water to the base mix, your choice of protein and oil, and you’re ready to serve your dog Ideal for weight management, diabetes support, and allergies support as well as host of other health conditions; Formulated with low glycemic vegetables which digest slowly to prevent glucose spike levels and low carbs for an optimal ketogenic diet Proudly made in the USA; Paradigm empowers you to take your dog’s health into your own hands, and add a quality protein source that you pick and choose

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Green Superfood Dog Food, Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Base Mix for Dogs, Diabetic Low Carb Ket…pet supplies – a peek into how we keep our pet supplies in order…

organızed pet supplıes – pet organization ıdeas and ınspiration. shopping for pet supplies + haul! ı had to go to a few pet stores to pick up a bunch of pet supplies so ı figured ı would bring you guys along with me and show you everything that ı bought!..
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5 pet supplies you must buy on amazon.
ı get a lot of my small pet related supplies from amazon with such a large array and quick shopping ı rarely actually go to the pet store anymore. we went to the pet store to get guinea pig supplies! ın this video we show you our puppy supplies and how our mom organizes all of our things in her newly renovated garage! we used a plinko board to determine what everyones budget was to buy supplies (shelter and food) from the pet store to survive overnight.
wags and walk does incredible work helping the cutest dogs and puppies get adopted and find great homes full of love!

murang pet supplıes & accessorıes, 100% legıt lahat nandıto na!
this is the part 2 of my shop with me for pet supplies video which you can watch in the link below!

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pet supplies you must buy on amazon.. 2 unboxıng the pet supplıes. ı hope you enjoyed watching this video of me shopping for pet supplies on amazon.

I have four rescues, Michael (to your left), became ill and I took him to the Vet. He was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. The dog food and probiotic were really expensive, especially having to feed four dogs where one is already on medication for life.
I read about Paradigm and decided to try it, although still expensive it was less than the processed prescribed dog food and probiotic the Vet prescribed.
Michaels symptoms went away and the Vet told me that he was doing really well. I was afraid to take him off of this diet since he is only 5 years old and I want to extend his life and quality of life as best that I can.
I was doing auto-ship, but the Amazon price went up and I found that Dr. Harvey has periodic sales where I can get it for less. You just add a quality meat, water and an oil with Omegas.
I have a cheap digital scale to weigh his food out. Amazon also has an inexpensive Pollock oil for dogs.
Our girl stands and/or sits patiently waiting for it to be prepared if I bring the water bowl over first she hurries back to me to make sure the food is next!!
Then she devours it. She now even has figured when Im cooking her protein!! Shes right by my feet.
So If say shes quite happy with her new food and Im hopeful itll keep her healthy with her new hemangioma sarcoma diagnosis and spleenectomy.Igave 4 stars for price as I do feel its expensive but for our girl its worth it!!
And the scent is strong intially but know Im use to it. Thank you Dr Harvey Paradigm!! !
One of the most difficult problems with feeding a raw diet is to make sure the diet is balanced. This not only does that but adds such quality food such as spiriulina and cinnamon.
It smells yummy and my dog loves it. All you have to do is reconstitute the freeze dried food and add your protein and oil. My dog loves it and it is also a diet that is not only healthy but will help fi…


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