Consumer Review: Brutus Bone Broth for Dogs Made in USA – Brutus Bone Broth for Dogs unboxıng the pet supplıes. ı hope you enjoyed watching this video of me shopping for pet supplies on amazon.

This is a great product. I used to add regular meat stock to dry food but Hendricks our French Bulldog LOVES this product – he licks the bowl for another minute extra every day so that’s the evidence for me.
It’s a great product, thoughtfully designed packaging and a good shelf life. It’s replaced Hendrick’s canned wet food too. We don’t need it anymore with Brutus Bone Broth.
Highly recommend🤗
My dog Tess is 12 and has been moving slower and slower. She’s been doing the Brutus Bone Broth for over four weeks now and she is back to her self.
She’s moving normal again and seems very peppy! It was the talk of the Thanksgiving Holiday because everyone was commenting how she seems to be moving much better then when they saw her last!!
Not to mention she loves it and has no stomach issues from it!! I highly recommend this product and I already have my friends dogs on it!
Thank you for the reason my 16 year old Boston Terrier mix is eating again. I have fed her Diamond grain free chicken flavor kibble for ages. She has been a grazer all of her life.
About a few months ago she quit eating about 1/2 of her usual intake per day, always an aggressive walker … she slowed way down… lost weight. Otherwise, she showed all the signs of a really healthy dog.
Her veterinarian said, “She has broken a couple of teeth and they are sore (no infection). Add liquid to her kibble”. I did (your product) shes eating and gaining weight and is eager to go for walks again.
I mean this change happened in two day! Wow!
My dogs love this and I feel good giving it to them. 2 last me about a month
My dog is 13 and was becoming a finicky eater but does like gravy on his dry food. He LOVES the bone broth and scarfs down every last bite. He is actually coming to me at dinner time and and nudging me to make his dinner.
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