Cat Health and Wellness Tips

Cats are fantastic pets. But like all animals, they have specific nutritional needs.
At Royal Canin we obsess over these kinds of details to create the best food for a cat’s unique needs. Our cat food for Maine Coons support bone and joint health. Our food for Persians is designed to maintain a beautiful coat and has a special kibble shape that makes it easier to eat. And all our food is 100% complete and balanced nutrition and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
As a global leader in pet health nutrition, Royal Canin recognizes that every cat is unique. Working with our scientists, nutritionists, and a professional network of veterinarians and breeders, we create cat food made up of over 50 nutrients in precise balance to provide healthy and wholesome food for cats of different sizes, ages, breeds, lifestyles, and special needs.
Royal Canin USA works to improve the lives of cats by pushing the boundaries of innovation to strengthen the link between pet health and nutrition. We tailor precise nutritional formulations to the real needs of individual breeds, at different life stages and in different lifestyles.
Only in this way and only with this level of precision and obsession can we transform every individual cat into the magnificent animal it has the potential to be.
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