Caring For Older Pet Birds | Tips For Bird Owners

What accommodations do we need to make for a pet bird as it gets older?

Just like people and other pets, as birds age, they may need special accommodations and dietary changes in order to stay healthy and happy.

What changes should you make to your bird’s cage? Why is a pellet bird food diet so important for older birds? Here are a few things to consider:

— Adjust perches and ensure there are plenty of connectors to make movement easier
— Make sure there are multiple locations for food setup, vegetables, and treats that are always easy to access
— Keep your pet bird stimulated by positioning the cage near a TV and/or window.
— Add ladders and other options so your bird doesn’t have to grip the bars of the cage
— Make sure your bird food has plenty of Vitamin A to prevent gout. The best way to do this is to feed them a pelleted bird food like ZuPreem Naturals, which is formulated with all the vitamins your bird will need.
— As birds age, they need to be drinking more water. This can be supplemented by pouring water in with the pellet food.
— Stack up some towels under your bird’s favorite perch so they can still perch up high but have a soft landing if they happen to fall.

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