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Hay there small pet parents! Looking for products designed with your small mammals in mind? Then CareFresh has got you covered with their collection of small pet food, treats and bedding made to provide the perfect life for your furry friends. CareFresh understands the needs of different small mammals, so their CareFresh Complete formulas are made specifically for the nutrient needs of your pet’s species. You wouldn’t give hamster food to a guinea pig, or chinchilla pellets to a rabbit, so get the best fit for your furry family members. Each individualized recipe takes into account the natural diets of different small mammals in order to create a carefully crafted small animal food that meets their needs magnificently. They feature crunchy pellets and are packed with 10 fruits and vegetables to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to your pets. CareFresh Hay is a great snack for your little ones, as both Alfalfa Hay and Timothy Hay are filled with fiber and protein to promote overall health. Try Timothy Hay for guinea pigs, rabbits or other adult small pets. Timothy Hay helps maintain healthy digestion and never contains any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. If you’ve got a baby bunny, child-rearing chinchilla or other growing or nursing small mammal, then we recommend CareFresh Alfalfa Hay which has a higher protein content to help deliver the extra nutrients they need.

Make sure your little buddies are only stuffing their cheeks with the best by checking out CareFresh Hay and Small Pet Food over at!

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