Britain's Giant Pet Food Factory – Trailer

It’s time to find out the Truth about Pet Food…

It’s a little-known fact that Mars make more pet products than chocolate. This documentary offers unprecedented access to their giant factory in Melton Mowbray which runs 24/7 to keep to their target of 1 million pet food pouches a day. Joe is the perfectionist Quality Manager in charge, desperate to get right the launch of a new cat food targeted at older cats. Meanwhile, just outside Melton, Mars’ 14-acre science research centre employs over 1000 animals and 250 humans… like animal trainer Debbie, who seems to spend most of her time collecting urine and poo samples for scientific trials. If you’re animal-mad, this is the place to work. Staff are encouraged to bring in their pets for the happiness of the work environment. But they do have to abide by the ‘petiquette’ rules and one rebellious Chow-Chow is in danger of being handed his notice.

Premieres on Channel 4 in August 2019
Distributed worldwide by Cineflix Rights
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