Bolivar Pets Bolivar MO Best Pet Food Store in Bollivar MO

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Bolivar Pets of Bolivar MO — Best Pet Food Store in Bolivar MO

Bolivar Pets. Address: 207 S Main Avenue, Bolivar, MO 65613. Phone: (417) 777-7387.

Pet Nation would be a good name for Bolivar Pets in Bolivar, Missouri. The store serves a five county market for pet lover needs — including pet foods of many kinds. Popular pet foods they sell include healthy pet food brands for people of all ages with tropical fish, reptiles, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, Tarantulas, scorpions and small hand pets like gerbils and hamsters. They even have Hedge Hog pet food.

Store owners, Jeff and Mary Qualls, recently moved Bolivar Pets to their new location just one block on the south side of the Bolivar Square and the Polk County Courthouse. Jeff previously worked for Pet Warehouse in nearly Springfield before opening Bolivar Pets.

Healthy pet food brands they sell include Blue Buffalo™ brand for dogs and cats. This high-protein, grain-free dry feed is prized by customers for being healthy and holistic for small, medium, and large pets. Their Wilderness brand is available in both bags and as canned pet food. Pet foods for smaller animals like hamsters, gerbils and chinchillas have their own specialty brands like Animal Farms™ Bonanza Gourmet Diet fortified with its famous Omega-6 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and vitamin-mineral fortified formula. Rabbit pet foods are formulated especially for their own unique needs. The Pretty Pets™ brand knows exactly what is needed for Hedge Hogs just as Sweet Harvest™ knows that Guinea Pigs crave and benefit from its triple cleaned natural ingredients that include select Timothy Hay. Box turtles gravitate toward pet turtle food brands like Zoo Menu™.

Only pet cricket lovers know exotic pet cricket drink and food labels like Zilla™ with their labels featuring calcium fortified formula also suited for scorpions and Tarantulas. Small carnivores have their frozen Krill and plankton from Sally’s™. Most health conscious tropical fish food customers are familiar with the Omega One™ full line of natural protein products.

Birds like parrots, Cockatiels, and parakeets also require their own blends for bird pet food nutritional needs. Birds like Finches, Blue Birds, and Canaries all have their favorite food preferences just as people vary in their likes and dislikes. You can’t feed your pet snake even premium quality bird, turtle or rabbit pet foods. Snakes crave frozen mice and rats just as lizards thrive on crickets.

Now you know why “Pet Nation” is no exaggeration for your local Bolivar Pets. Good pet stores are also education centers and can help pet owners find answers to question they have never even thought about asking. Explore a local pet store and discover a whole new world of solutions to issues like selecting what appears to be a simple item like the right pet food for you pet or pets.
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Bolivar Pets. Address: 207 S Main Avenue, Bolivar, MO 65613. Phone: (417) 777-7387.


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