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in early october, my husband and i adopted our very first cat 🌸 this is our first time owning a pet on our own and it’s been a gift for both of us 🥰 we both grew up with pets and having both moved (very far) away from our childhood homes, where those pets still live, has been tough on us. we still miss our family pets terribly, and we wanted that for ourselves. we both love animals and honestly do better with animals in our lives. owning a pet is a huge undertaking that we don’t take lightly and we are fully responsible for her care, health and happiness. i do not recommend getting a pet on impulse if you’re not ready for the committment. this is something we’d planned for at least a year, and we made sure we were emotionally and financially prepared to be responsible for an animal.

that all being said, i hope you enjoy the bits of bambi that i’ll be sharing with you bc i plan to share her often ☺️ she is a ray of light and too CUTE not to share on the internet. frankly, she is a star 🌟


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