ARIES October 2020 ♈️ Tarot Reading ♈️ LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!

ARIES October 2020 ♈️ Tarot Reading for October 12th – 18th, 2020
🔥 Special astrological info for Aries listed below! 🔥

ARIES, Venus is shining on your 6th house of Work and Health from October 2nd until October 27th. This house also rules general employment and your place of employment, employees and people you hire to work for you, assistants, daily activities and errands, service to others, exercise and nutrition, health concerns, the healthcare and service industries, doctor’s offices, veterinary offices and small, domestic pets. It’s ruled by Mercury, and is the natural home of the sun sign of Virgo. Venus is in Virgo, so this is a strong influence.

Having Venus here means that you will take the greatest pleasure in your work and doing things to improve your health through most of October. You will also find pleasure in doing services for those in need.

You will benefit financially through your work, whether that’s done outside the home, at home, for yourself, or for others.. You may form a new business partnership, one with the potential to bring you long-term rewards. You will also find ways of creatively expressing yourself at your place of employment.

At work, expect more drama than usual. This also applies to health matters and people in your care who are dealing with illness or injury.

If you’re self-employed, this is a very good transit for you. Expect opportunities to significantly boost your income during this transit.. These opportunities will likely involve performing much-needed services for others.

If unemployed, Venus will help you to find work opportunities through 6th-house places or matters (the healthcare and service industries, exercise and nutrition, employment offices, pets and the veterinary industry).

If retired, you will be creatively stimulated through daily activities, especially ones that involve pets or doing favors for people.

Venus shining on your 6th house of pets means that you may get a new one during this transit.

If single, you may expect opportunities to meet the love of your life at Venus-ruled places or through Venus-ruled matters (art, museums, music, music studios and concerts, shopping, clothing, cosmetics, perfume, sweets, bakeries, hair and beauty salons, contracts, negotiations, agreements, counselor’s offices , lawyer’s offices, courthouses). You also may meet this person at a 6th-house place or through a 6th house matter (doctor’s offices, vet’s offices, gyms, exercise, nutrition, health programs, while running errands or walking your dog).

If married or attached, the romance between you and your spouse or partner will get a healthy boost from Venus. She will do this by showing you how to strengthen your bond through work that you do together, caring for your mutual pets, favors you do for each other, exercise, self-improvement or nutrition programs..

Music or art will likely figure prominently in your relationship during this transit.

Health concerns should ease. Venus will help you to feel better, and she will lift your spirits through encouraging you to engage in shopping, art, or music, and indulging yourself in the more pleasurable side of life. Venus will make it all too easy to go overboard on these things, though, so try to exercise moderation. Don’t eat too many sweets!

Because Venus is in your 6th house of exercise and nutrition, you may be tempted to overdo an exercise program, or obsess over your diet. Again, try to aim for a happy medium.

Wherever Venus is visiting you in your chart is where others will be drawn to you, so this may happen at work or while going about your daily activities. This is where people will be charmed by your grace and wit.

Wherever Venus is transiting is also where you may come to an agreement or compromise, so this could happen at work, or with people for whom you do services. Keep in mind that it’s better not to sign a contract or come to a final decision regarding a negotiation between October 14 and November 3, when Mercury is in retrograde.

The women in your life will bring you good luck.

Someone born under the sign of Virgo will help you find a good job, benefit your health, or assist you financially.

Blessed be.


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