Aarti Desai – Pet Tips – How to take care of Stray Dogs

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Magic of the MetaHealth family.
We Complete 251 sessions plus 106 Cowrie Reading session on Tuesday evening at 9:30 IST, Together we complete 252 + 107 = 359 Sessions
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Topic: 27th October
Time: Oct 25, 2020 09:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
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Life is never perfect, we have two choices either we wait for the whole of us to make our life perfect or create a perfect life accepting all imperfections.
We present “Inspiring stories” of people who have created a change in their own and other people’s lives, along with a lot more viz cowrie reading and health and pet tips. Hop on to one of these sessions if you desire to transform your lives, it’s an experience you would love.
So far,252 speakers from all ver the world, talks on different aspects of life, over six months of consistent commitment, a journey of togetherness and new experiences, moments of tears and joy, togetherness during challenging times, and much more……Join in its an experience.
107 Session of Tarot, Angel cards and Cowrie Reading by Binaifer Ranjan Chakraborty
Session #249
Topic: Aarti Desai -Pet Tips
Speaker: Aarti Desai
Animal Consciousness via Holistic Therapies
Session #250
Topic: Archana Sings
Session- #251
Topic- NIdhi Prabhu Inspires
SpeakerNIdhi Prabhu
Kathak Exponent
Naad Nidhi Founder
Session- #252
Speaker Shrikant Kshirsagar
Topic – Concept & Practices for Panchkosha – 5 Layers of our Personality / Compositio..


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