5 Things To Buy To Start a Small Business

What are 5 things that if you bought today can make you some extra money by Tomorrow, that’s what this video is about?

1. Camera :
– Youtube,
– Photographer,
– videographer: Models, Music Videos, short films, helping business record and publish their own content,
– take pictures for restaraunts and create menus, start online presence for business,
– stock photography
– , pet/baby pics,
– Photo mugs, tshirts and plates,

– teach people about using the camera and photography,
real estate photos ( target for sale by owners) ,
Arieal photography but it will require a drone.

Cost: You can buy a canon 70d or 80d solid camera for 700-1200 on amazon.

2. Skill
Skills To buy:
– Accounting/Finance: you can target small businesses and help them with funding, managing their books, and getting the best deductions. And remember to say that your services are also deductible.
– Software Engineer: The key to this job is to target businesses that doesn’t have a big online presence and create for them what they need.
– Dentist: you can create your practice, and you can make a lot of money.

Tip: there are so many things you can do with skills, including selling them and teaching to other people once you have them.

3. Computer
– Most people use them for checking emails
– And watching weird things
– But they can make you a lot of money

A good Computer can allow you to:
– Create Logos for business
– Edit videos for YouTuber or filmmakers or business
– Code and create your own video games and apps and websites
– Creating ebooks and guides-gyms-recipes and courses

One thing is this:
– If buy a MacBook you will pay a massive premium
– If you built your own computer like I did you save money
– If you buy a high-end computer prebuilt for you, it can cost you between 900- 50k ( and yes that correct)

Also when you break down What I’m saying all this stuff require one thing
– It’s the skill to sell and get customers
– You can be the best at whatever you do, but if you don’t have any customers, and you don’t know how to sell what you make
– It will all be for nothing

4. Phone
– I’m pretty sure around 80-90% of you watching this video have a phone
– And although Instagram is cool, it doesn’t pay you money
– Don’t worry there are no surveys in this video

Here is what you can do:
– eBay: This what you sell used items and collectibles
– Amazon: New items, dropshipping Retail arbitrage
– Facebook: Used items cheap
– Craiglist: free items and home items
– Goodwill: free stuff basically at a massive discount
– Garage sales: treasure hunts
– Offer up and mercari: used stuff also

Here is what I would sell:
– Just start by creating an eBay account and amazon account
– And then pick a niche
– Do you want to Clothing, Phones, Video Games, Collectibles, furniture
– Whatever it, try it out for a month or two, but watch youtube videos to educate yourself on how things work

5. Car/ Big transpo
– Now we all the know the basics like ubers, lift and delivering food but there are a few other ways to make money with a car

Here they are:
– You can transport patients for a hospital: seniors and other groups that need help also
– Airport Shuttle Service: you will need a bus, and to network with companies also but you can do this
– Rent your car on Turo or other apps
– Errand service: although we uber for a taxi, you can also use task rabbit to do tasks for people. Like picking up their dogs and another small task
– Start a cleaning company or laundry delivery company: you would think this would be difficult but you can work with laundromats, and also existing cleaning companies also

– These are potential ideas
– But you need to learn the skill
– Have the money to get started
– And have good sales skills also.


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