10 Most Unbelievable Pets People Actually Own

Hi it’s Anthony! From one of the most aggressive predators on the planet, to some rare endangered species, here are 10 of the most unusual pets in the world!

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10: The Striped Hyena
Having a hyena for a pet is not a great idea. It is never a good idea to have an exotic animal for a pet, but hyenas are an especially terrible idea. They are wild animals and can be extremely hostile. However, people do keep hyenas as pets. In the Ethiopian town of Harar, there is a famous pack of hyenas who live near the city and come each night to collect food from a local butcher.

9: Monkeys
Monkeys are adorable. Well, maybe not all monkeys, as some are horribly ugly and terrifying to behold, but other monkeys are quite adorable. I’m talking about the little monkeys that can hang out on your shoulder for anywhere from 20 to 40 years. But taking on a pet monkey is a huge deal and a massive commitment, as they live basically as long as you do.

8: Anteaters
Anteaters are pretty cool. It is no surprise that they are growing in popularity in the United States as pets. In fact, just about any docile animal can be purchased somewhere in the US for some amount of money, and you bet there is somebody with one in their house, maybe even closer to you than you think. An anteater will cost you roughly $8000 to purchase, which is significantly more than a stray cat would cost you.

7: Armadillo
Armadillos are weird. These little armored creatures are far from domesticated, and are challenging to care for in captivity because they are wild animals who need lots of space to roam and dig while they are busying themselves during the night, generally cover at least eight acres of land per night in the wild.

6: Chilean Rose Tarantula
Yes, people keep tarantulas as pets. They in fact keep many different types of tarantulas as pets, but today we’re talking about the Chilean rose tarantula. This thing looks terrifying, and you definitely wouldn’t catch me having one in my house, not with its hairy red legs and evil stare.

5: Fennec Fox
It’s true, foxes are becoming the new dogs. People are in love with these cute and cuddly animals, with all different types being bred in captivity across the world, from the adorable fennec fox to the charming arctic fox. There is no denying how ridiculously cute and inquisitive these small creatures are.

4: Wallaroo
If you have ever dreamed of having your very own kangaroo, the wallaroo may be the next best thing. For people in North America who don’t have kangaroos and wallabies jumping around their properties, wallaroos are an extremely popular pet. The wallaroo is an Australian marsupial, complete with a pouch, and is right in the middle in terms of size, coming in smaller than a kangaroo and larger than a wallaby.

3: Kinkajou
The kinkajou is one of the strangest pets in the world. They are also known as honey bears, and they have recently become extremely popular in the exotic pet trade. While it may look like a monkey, the kinkajou is actually a mammal that traditionally dwells in the trees of Central America and South America in the rainforest.

2: Stick Insect
Stick insects are definitely a weird pet. You can’t take it for a walk, you can’t really do anything with it, and you basically just sit around staring at it while it hangs out on a leaf. nonetheless, these are seriously popular pets. And in fact, there are over 2,500 different species of stick insects.

1: Sloth
Sloths are one of my all-time favorite animals. And I am not the only one, seeing as two-toed sloths are dramatically rising in their popularity as exotic pets. Sloths are calm, they always seem to be smiling, and they are very snuggly creatures. One of the best things about having a sloth for a pet is you don’t have to worry about it defecating anywhere, as they generally climb out of their tree to poop once a week.

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